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At Caposhie, we’ve created an inclusive shopping environment that eliminates traditional size labels and high retail markups ensuring inclusivity for all! Caposhie is not just another fast fashion brand; we are a fresh fashion concept, constantly evolving to bring you what you want!



We believe in empowering women of all ages to feel strong, confident and ageless.



We foster a sense of belonging and connection among our customers, employees, and partners.



We believe in being true to ourselves and our customers.

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At Caposhie, we're not just selling clothing,

we're empowering a community of adventurous women to express their unique styles, embrace their authenticity, and celebrate the joy of life through sustainable fashion that doesn’t break the bank.

Hear stories from our Community

Designed in Vancouver, Made with
factory partners around the world!

Our stores are designed with you in mind. We want to make a difference through the products we build, the retail platform we have and the community we create. From the instant you step into our store, we want you to feel like you're among friends – here for fashion advice, a friendly chat, or even a spontaneous dance party. Above all, we're here to inspire you to embrace your individual style and forget the rules and if you like it, wear it!

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Join us on this journey and let's break down barriers together!