who are we?

quite simply:
we are a curated boutique filled with adventure, built for navigating and exploring fashion from global markets around the world alongside providing trusted pieces that you can wear everyday or take with you on your next trip.

we showcase an ever changing assortment of curated, effortless clothing, bought in limited quantities but a wide variety of styles, merchandised with our exclusives; from elevated basics in natural fibres, to designer collaborations created using up-cycled fabrics and innovative manufacturing processes.

we are Caposhie.

behind everything we do....

we want to make a difference through the products we build, the retail platform we have, and the community we create.

we believe.

We believe personal style is the foundation to authenticity.

We value making connections: while traveling, online, and in person.

We need to leave the world better than we found it.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create their own narrative without breaking the bank.

what we make.

what you need.

we begin our design process by thinking about you and what you desire in your wardrobe to make your everyday easier.

our goal is to combine classic styles with modern innovations which aren’t just smart they are thoughtful, and combine the use of natural or up-cycled fabrics and meaningful features that solve problems.

how we do it

we travel to local markets around the globe to bring in a collection of hand-picked items.

The benefits of this buying strategy we are able to provide a much more diverse assortment of products, bringing in very small quantities per style, with a wide variety of products.

This means that everything you see is truly unique, and not over produced en-masse. This also means that our rapidly changing assortments creates that “treasure hunt” shopping experience every time you visit online or in store.

what we buy.

how do we do it?

our advantage is our ability to deliver the absolute best direct-to-customer approach. we cut out the middle men from traditional retail and source directly.

we keep our quantities and environmental footprint low using innovative and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods.