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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Owl Paddle, bringing the quietest paddle to the Canadian market! Alongside this innovation, we’re launching our exclusive on-the-go apparel collection, made in Italy from upcycled 100% cotton looped terry. Explore Caposhie’s stylish and sustainable new collection, available now in-store! Don’t miss out—discover your new favorites today!

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OWL Pickleball Paddles

OWL's unmatched team of engineers have perfected an elite version of the pickleball paddle that not only reduces sound output by 50%, but also provides players with a best-in-industry performance paddle for all skill levels.

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On The Go Collection

Ideal for low-to-medium impact workouts (pickleball anyone?) and perfect for throwing over your workout gear to get you where you need to go, each item is crafted with versatility in mind. Made of Italian-milled 100% cotton, this collection is softer than your towel but stronger than your latest match.

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