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Delight your family and friends with a diverse range of offerings, including Spanish and Italian-made home decor, cozy wrap ponchos designed to fit all, iconic coats crafted from Italian milled fabrics, fleecy and fuzzy socks paired with chic slip-proof slippers, dazzling accessories like upcycled wool blend scarves in vibrant colors, and scented candles to set the perfect mood.

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Mi Casa, Su Casa: This holiday season, we're dedicated to making your home spaces better, brighter, and more beautiful. Caposhie has proudly partnered with the renowned Spanish brand, Manterol Casa, with retail locations in Valencia, Madrid, and Zaragoza and now exclusively at Caposhie stores near you.


Upholding a legacy of Mediterranean excellence since 1948, this curated collection offers you quality and innovation at factory-direct price points. Explore our range of one-of-a-kind gift-ready blankets, luxurious soft throws, and a diverse array of stylish home textile solutions. Whether you're looking to transform your space or find the perfect gift for your loved ones, your journey to home-sweet-home begins here.