HELIOS White Vacuum Thermos From Germany

HELIOS White Vacuum Thermos From Germany

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Helios plastic vacuum flask with screw cap and cup. Top of the line heat retention due to vacuum-sealed and silver-plated Q100 quality glass insert. Ideal for outdoor use on a hot or cold day. A classic thermos bottle that can be used regardless of age or gender with a nostalgic twist.

The vacuum jug is traditionally cleaned by hand.


Trust over 100 years of experience! Founded as a family business, we have been successful for many years and continue to surprise our customers with new, innovative insulating vessels. What we do, we do out of conviction and with a passion that you can tell and see in every single one of our products.


W 10 5mm x D115mm x H

W 4” x 4.5” x 11.6”

Capacity 750ML