The measurements of this garment are found above. Follow this guide to see how this item may fit you based on a similar garment in your existing wardrobe. These measurements may not be a perfect representation of how an item may fit you. Stretch and material may cause variations in measurements.


Tops & Dresses

  • Grab your favourite similar fitting top or dress and a measuring tape.
  • Lay it on a flat surface.
  • To measure the Bust: Measure one inch down from the armpit. Measure straight across the bust from that point.
  • To measure the Front Length: Measure one inch over from the opening of the garment. From that point, measure to the bottom of the garment.


  • Grab your favourite pair of similar fitting bottoms and a measuring tape.
  • Lay them on a flat surface.
  • To measure the Waist: Measure across the top waistband or opening of the bottoms. Remember that this measurement may vary based on the stretch of the bottoms.
  • To measure the Hip: Measure one inch up from the crotch and then measure across the bottoms from that point. This is typically the widest part of the bottoms.
  • To measure the inseam: Measure from the crotch of the bottoms along the seam to the inside ankle.

We use these measurements to determine where you should expect the bottoms to fall, however this will vary based on your height and the length of your legs. These are all based on inseam measurements taken on the garment laying flat.